Welcome to Elsionline Australia

Welcome to 'elsionline'. We are confident that the products you find here meet your expectations in design, quality, need and comfort.

The people behind 'elsionline' have decades of experience dealing with consumers, manufacturers, major department stores, government bodies etc. We understand the ultimate recipe for success is not cheap prices but customer satisfaction-both tangible and intangible.

We also understand that customers will pay extra for quality and service. But this does not have to be at hugely inflated prices. Bearing this as our philosophy we are committed to making the best offer to you at this website.

We will endeavour to offer you unique and trendy products at affordable prices. We will strive to offer products that are covered by international patents.

Most of our products are sourced from major ISO 9000 manufacturers. Manufacturers who have strict QA standards and have had years of experience dealing with the biggest department stores and brands in the world. It may surprise you that some of the products we offer to you at this website are made in the same factory and by the same people who manufacturer for big name brands from the US, Germany, France, Italy, UK etc. So rest assured that when you purchase an item from this website, a lot of thought and effort have gone into making this offer.

Finally we must mention that the environment and the wellbeing of planet earth is close to our heart. We specifically inform our manufacturers to avoid using harmful and toxic chemicals or using old growth forests in their products. We will endeavour to recycle and reuse material where ever possible and believe our customers will also do the right thing.

We wish you a happy and enjoyable shopping experience here and will be very happy if you can send us any feedback that will enhance your time here.